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Booking is now open for the events listed below. More information on the Workshops page.

The Ethics of Connection

a day workshop for facilitators and assistants in Sacred Sexuality work.

Saturday, 19th January, 2019. 11.00 - 5.30.

Two linked workshops in London:

Sex, Magic and the Culture of Consent

Saturday, 23rd Februrary, 2019. 10.30 - 5.00.

Day workshop in London. Led by Al Head.

Sex, Magic and the Power of Pleasure

Sunday, 24th Februrary, 2019. 10.30 - 5.00.

Day workshop in London. Led by Al Head.

'A Space for Spirit' - workshop participant

Heres a beautiful poem written by a participant after the last This Land Sex Magic residential workshop in Wales.

Between the worlds


Kites draw the scrim of sky closer

Fire leaps hand to hand

There is water

holding the light of

a beeswax candle as your eyes

hold ours


The circle is cast


Everywhere is sapful surge

and splash of green growen

 Bright as Mother’s Moon


Chestnut trees whorl and whirl

peaty roots into leafy skies urgent

with summer-lamb bleat


Gifts given and received

and the pleasure cup



Hale the fool

Tread boldly on air

Tread gentle too

For this is magick

Silence is batsong

Sorrow joy

He is she is qwe


All is present

between the worlds