This is the Real World - Song

Life is love, love is life.

In the snow a magic world,

Yew and holly, dark leaves curled.

White on green, mysterious depths.

Under the snow the rising spring slept.

Take it slow, there is time.

Take this energy in your hand.

Put it in a walnut shell.

Wrap it all around with snow

And keep it in a corner of your heart.

Hold it close. Safe and strong.

Energy that moves and ripples:

Hand to cunt and arse and cock,

Mouth to antlers, heart to belly,

Mud to feet and leaf to rock.

This is our birthright. This is our power.

Let the roots go down together,

There entwine and share the power.

Moments that go on forever,

To be found when we desire.

Enter the portal. Enter the trees arms.

Practising the disentangling,

The demerging, the return.

Know we always have connection.

Know the spiral turns and turns and turns.

This is the real world. This is what is real.

Be tender to your budding places.

Hold and honour your own path.

Only you can know your journey.

Only you can heal the past.

Follow the earth's cycles. After the intensity the rest.

Follow the earth's cycles. After the intensity the rest.

Al Head - after Faerie Magic Gathering, March 2018

Between the worlds


Kites draw the scrim of sky closer

Fire leaps hand to hand

There is water

holding the light of

a beeswax candle as your eyes

hold ours


The circle is cast


Everywhere is sapful surge

and splash of green growen

 Bright as Mother’s Moon


Chestnut trees whorl and whirl

peaty roots into leafy skies urgent

with summer-lamb bleat


Gifts given and received

and the pleasure cup



Hale the fool

Tread boldly on air

Tread gentle too

For this is magick

Silence is batsong

Sorrow joy

He is she is qwe


All is present

between the worlds


qweaver24may16, The Elements of Sex Magic Residential Workshop

The Soft Gaze – Berlin 22.10.16

Soft eyes moving around the circle:

eyes of magic, eyes of shadow-dance.

You say: 'You are all beautiful'.

Energy is experienced differently -

my body shakes and deepens,

you see colours and animals playing,

you feel the wounds and the healing happening,

you laugh in a bubble of joy,

you relax in warm water.

I see you all in a haze of glory

that shows the behind-the-skin shiftings and shapings.

I see curiosity and listening.

I see uniqueness and commonality.

I see the blocked and the flowing places

and the places that are opening and softening.

I see you held by deity

and you moved by intimacy.

I see the glow in my eyes reflected in yours.

I see the beauty in us all.

Al Head

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