I am available for one to one mentoring sessions. These could be for an hour, half a day or a full day. They might involve energy exploration; ritual; magical processes; support with life journeys, decisions and problems; or sex magic. Please contact me for more details and to let me know what you would like.

Cost of these sessions is variable and will depend on whether I am travelling to you as well as your income and circumstances. They are based on a cost of £200 for a full day plus expenses. I then offer concessionary rates/sliding scale and/or work in kind possibilities.

Contact: for more information.


These sessions can help clear energetic blocks, sustain and balance energies, strengthen people's connections to the earth and support people on their life journeys, and in their processes of growth, transformation and healing.

I work with the energy body, which exists both inside and outside the physical body, and also the energy field, which is often felt as a 'bubble' around and containing us. Sessions consist of energetic touch, which the receiver may or may not be consciously aware of and, if the receiver is comfortable with this, largely static and mostly light physical touch. This is not massage or 'body-work' in its accepted sense. The receiver may sit or lie, may be silent (or asleep) or may share feelings, thoughts and memories that come to mind during the session. Sometimes a release may take place such as sounding, crying, yawning or shaking. I may also sometimes sound, hum, sing or shake. Sometimes 'memories' may feel that they come from past lives, ancestral or collective memory banks or times when the recipient was not present. The recipient is free to interpret these in any way that makes sense to them. If I am asked for interpretation or advice I will only give what is given to me, or what feels energetically right at the time, and it is fine if the recipient does not accept it or has other ideas. Interpretation or discussion is using best left til the end, or to a later feedback session, so as not to disrupt the level on which the energy work is happening.

These sessions have the intention of tuning into what the recipients energy body and field need and what is being asked for on a deep level. They may not have the result of obvious 'healing': for example a virus may not immediately clear up, or outward symptoms may not disappear and can even seem worse for a while. The question I ask is always what is needed on a soul level. In tuning in, I align with the journey of healing and transformation that is already happening for the recipient and offer myself to strengthen and progress that journey.

The format of the sessions is that we first talk a little, the recipient may explain how they feel and what they feel is needed and I will talk about how the sessions will work. I will explain how I use energetic touch and ask for consent to combine energetic touch with physical touch if this seems called for. However I will explain that whatever is happening, the recipient can ask for something to stop or change at any time. They can also ask for specific things that occur to them (I will then tune in to these and follow them if this also feels right to me). Then I will connect to the earth and ask my guides, and those of the recipient if they have them, to do what is needed, using me as a channel. The recipient may choose to also tune into the earth and their guides at this point. I will work on the outer edge of the recipient's energy field, and within their energy field and energy body, but I will not totally merge my energies with theirs. 

I will follow where I am led and listen to what I am 'told'. If I am asked to pass on information to the recipient I will do so, with permission, and I will explain what I think is going on energetically if the recipient would like that. Or I can feed back information afterwards if that is desired. Some people may not want to bring what is happening into the verbal realms at all and this is fine. I may have a sense of what is happening energetically or I may be purely acting as an instrument or a channel. At the end of the session I will work on strengthening the edges of the energy field and separate my energies completely from the recipient. There is then an opportunity to share if that is desired. There will also be an opportunity to rest/sleep for a while after the session as that is often needed to process and let the energies settle. The actual energy work will last between half an hour and an hour, with additional time for preparation and feedback. Please allow another hour for resting if at all possible.

Sessions are on a sliding scale between £60 and £20 depending on income. They can also be swapped for work in kind. I am happy to chat on the phone before setting up a session. Please email to arrange.