This Land Sex Magic – One Year In

The time between Samhain and Winter Solstice is a good time for reflection, and so it seems especially pertinent to be reflecting on the first year of This Land Sex Magic workshops. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to set them up, to all those who have assisted me and to all those who have supported in so many ways; by joining in conversations, trying out ideas and believing in the work. And another huge thank you for all who have attended workshops and joined in the exploration. It's been good to connect with each one of you and I hope to be with you all again in the coming year.

It's been an amazing year for me. I've finally felt that I'm on the path I'm supposed to be on, and then have been looking back and realising I've been on the path all my life! It's powerful what can sometimes be seen looking back, that couldn't be seen at the time.

In the last year I have led three two-day workshops, two one-day workshops, and a weekend residential workshop. They have taken place in London, Bristol and Devon. I've also led taster sessions at Radical Faerie gatherings, Queer Pagan Camp and Quintasensual Festival. The workshops have all been lovely, with everyone joining together to create beautiful energies. We've raised energy for the healing of the land, and we've been joined in ritual by gorgeous trees, powerful winds, hot fire and many amazing non-human beings. We've explored energy raising, channeling and containment, conscious energy merging and separating, energy fields and energy bodies. We've shared pleasure and learning and fun. I love this work so much!

In this 'cauldron' time, I'm dreaming up workshops for next year. As well as familiar places, I am exploring possibilities of workshops in Brighton, Cornwall, Wales and Berlin! I'm considering workshops for specific groups of people and on specific topics as well as general introductions to the work. Do feel free to feed your ideas into this simmering pot!

With love and honour to you all,

Al x