This Land Sex Magic

What people said

What people said:

'Thanks for an experience of transformation and growth beyond all I could imagine'

'Very beautiful and important work.'

'To begin with, Al is an incredibly loving and generous soul. Her work flows from the reverence and love she holds for the earth, the environment and human relationships. As a facilitator, she creates a safe and welcoming space for participants to explore and discover within their comfort levels. Much time is given for hands-on experimentation and play. Esoteric wisdom and magical techniques gained from her many years of experience are shared with humour and love. It was such a joy and a privilege to have learnt from Al.'

'Als creativity, sense of fun, invitation to be ourselves.'

'An exploration at your own pace of love, sex and energy.'

'thank you so much for a lovely space, I learnt lots of things. I have been thinking about the strength of triangles since!'

'I liked the whole experience of being in sacred space, focusing on spirit, on energy, on love, rather than being in the usual realm of material focus.'

'Space for spirit.'

'One of the greatest gifts we have as queers is that our sexuality is 100% connected to our spirits. The way we use our sexuality is full of spiritual potential. We generate spirit energy through sex – give birth to energy – engage our whole being in the act, access other dimensions. Sexuality is a huge powerhouse – we don't tap into its potential much, most people use sex as a commodity.'

'A way for me to reconnect with myself and learn how to let these sexual energies flow.'

'An experiment in sex, love and consciousness. Becoming present and more centred.'

'The workshop was a schmoozey place of sumptuous energies, honouring both lightness and darkness,all safely contained and woven together by an expert leader in the craft.'

'I liked the steady pace and the openness and respectfulness of the group, the safety created, the permission to go at my own pace and the respect for my boundaries.''