One day workshop in London.

9th June 2018, 10.30 – 17.00.

For LGBTQ people of all genders and sexualities.

Access. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Please get in touch with any access needs.

Cost: £80. Concession price: £50. Please get in touch if you want to come and can't afford this.

Contact: myfaerieking@btinternet.com or call 01822 616083.

QUEER – because sexuality and gender are more fluid and have more infinite possibilities than we can possibly imagine. Queer is sexuality and gender outside the box, where we make no assumptions as to who we share sexual energy with or how we share it. Queer is about visioning and living new ways of relating to each other and reclaiming our freedom to be ourselves.

SEX – because sex is an energy that rises from the earth, and that we can share with trees, humans and other beings. Sex is sacred and full of boundless potential for pleasure and connection, but in our Western societies has been reduced to one brief, possessive act. We are reclaiming and redefining sex and all it can mean, both energetically and physically.

MAGIC – because the energy of sex can heal and transform us. And because the power of sex, if consciously and collectively built, can change the oppressive structures of society and heal the earth. Because we create power by being together. Because sexual energy can help us journey to places unseen and unimagined where we can dream the past, ground ourselves in the present and grow the future.

The workshop will be a held space where we work within our individual and collective boundaries and explore concepts of consent and awareness.

 Fb: This Land Sex Magic.

Sex Magic Beyond the Gender Divide

June 22nd – 24th, 2018.

Weekend workshop in Ruabon, North Wales. Led by Al Head.
For trans, genderqueer and non-binary people of all genders and sexualities.

Access: Unfortunately this venue is not wheelchair accessible. It is possible to spend the time solely on the ground floor, but the path to the front door and the door to the bathroom are narrow and there is one step to the bathroom and one to the ground floor bedroom.
To book, or for more info, contact: myfaerieking@btinternet.com
Cost: £150. Concessions: £80. Please get in touch if you can't afford this and we will work something out.

This workshop celebrates genderfluidity and trans, non-binary and genderqueer experience. It is for those who want to explore sex magic in a space actively working to be free from gender assumptions. For those who want to connect with the gender-morphic energy of the land and of the beings who live on it. For those who sense that their energy bodies can be different shapes and sizes from their physical bodies. For those who want to explore physical and energetic genital energy without assumption as to gender identity or performance. For those who feel that on a deep level sexual energy has no gender, and who want to learn to build, contain and channel it with others who feel that too.
The heteronormative, dualistic society has not just denied us the ability to have sex with who we wish and in whatever way we like; it has also denied us basic information about the nature of sex itself. Now is the time to rediscover what sex is really about! 

Weekend workshops are an opportunity to travel deeper into our connection with the sexual energy of the land and to reclaim our innate knowledge of sex as a complex physical/energetic experience, a force that, as well as being the source of incredible, often undreamed of pleasure, is also a thing of power, and of magic. They are held, protected spaces and participants will work within their own comfort zones and levels of experience. We will connect to others in an atmosphere of respect and consent, honouring boundaries and exploring the subtleties of energetic relating. We will spend some time outside. For those with all levels, or no, experience with sex magic/magic.
 Fb This Land Sex Magic.