Sex Magic and the Energy of Gender

  • for people of all genders or none.

Sunday, November 18th, 10.30-5. London.

Wheelchair accessible. Please contact with access needs.

Cost: £80. concessions £45. Get in touch if you can't afford this.

Contact: ffi:

What is your gender? Do you have one? Has your gender, or your perception of it, changed over the course of your life? How do you perceive the energy of your gender (or genders, or lack of one)? If you have one, do you feel that your gender has a particular energetic essence, or a particular energy attached to it? How has the way you were conditioned to behave as a particular gender affected your energetic patterns?

How do you perceive the energy of other people's genders? How does your sexuality relate to your gender and to your perception of gender? Would your attraction to, or your energetic connection to, other people change if your perception of their gender changed? What happens when we share energy with another person from a place beyond/before/after gender or a place of no gender?

What if we threw our current ideas of gender out and started again, perhaps understanding people according to elements instead? Would you consider your essence to be of air, fire, water or earth, or a combination? And would your sexuality be air-, fire-, water- or earth-sexual? Or bisexual, trisexual or multisexual?!

In this workshop we will play with these and other ideas from a place of openness and enquiry. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, the fun will be in the quest! We will explore some of the basic energy tools of This Land Sex Magic work from these gender-exploratory perspectives and move into magical spaces where our explorations can move to a deeper level. Come as you are and prepare to be surprised at the glorious intricacies of your being and the amazing

diversity of humankind!