Sex, Magic and the Culture of Consent

Saturday, 23rd Februrary, 2019. 10.30 - 5.00.

Day workshop in London. Led by Al Head.

Cost: £80. Concessions £45. £10 discount on total cost if also booking for 'Sex, Magic and the Power of Pleasure' the next day. Please get in touch if you want to come but can't afford this.

Contact: for booking form and with any questions.

Consent is vital in all our interactions, whether social, electronic, sexual or magical. And yet most of us were not taught about consent as children. On the contrary most of us were taught that we did not have the right either to consent or to refuse consent. The structure of our lives was defined by adults, we were told what to wear and how to act and many of us were physically or sexually abused. In many ways, explicit or subtle, we were taught that we did not have control over our bodies. Something as simple as being told to 'kiss your aunt goodbye' told us that we did not have the right to set our own boundaries or make our own choices. At the same time, our ability to know what we truly wanted was often shut down and lost.

Unlearning these early lessons, claiming our own autonomy and learning how to respect that of others, can take a lifetime. Creating a culture of consent is something that will take the lifetimes of us all. But each step on the way makes things easier. This workshop is part of a journey for all of us where we can continue to learn what consent means. We cannot fully engage sexually or energetically with another, whether that other be human, deity, Fae, rock, river or tree, unless we consent on all levels. But how do we know if we truly consent? How do we reach the different levels of ourselves and find what they want to communicate to us? How do we allow ourselves to want, and to express our wants, while allowing the time and space for another to decide whether they consent to us? How do we make offers without strings attached to them and without pressure? How do we value ourselves and the other enough that we can ask questions without feeling that either of us will be diminished by the answer? How do we negotiate consent through the different power structures of society and relationship strands in our lives? In this workshop we will develop our awareness: of our bodies' wisdom, our energetic impulses, our thoughts, and our feelings. We will take the time to feel into what is true for us and practise communicating these truths with others. We will be gentle with ourselves and each other and allow ourselves to explore these delicate issues in a held space, without shame or blaming, knowing that we all have much to learn.

 Sex, Magic and the Power of Pleasure

Sunday, 24th Februrary, 2019. 10.30 - 5.00.

Day workshop in London. Led by Al Head.

Cost: £80. Concessions £45. £10 discount on total cost if also booking for 'Sex, Magic and the Culture of Consent' the previous day. Please get in touch if you want to come but can't afford this.

Contact: for booking form and with any questions.

This workshop can be attended on its own or along with the workshop 'Sex, Magic and the Culture of Consent' the day before. To attend 'Sex, Magic and the Power of Pleasure' you need to have done some consent work, either by attending the day before or in another context.

In the classic Pagan text, 'The Charge of the Goddess', Doreen Valiente says: 'All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals'. Paganism has long seen the power of pleasure and this is partly what led to its repression by the patriarchal religions. In Britain Christianity kept the people under control through promoting sacrifice and a promise of Heaven in return for suffering on Earth. Many of us grew up with the 'protestant work ethic', that taught us that struggle and hard work were the only things that would make a difference to us and to the world. But what if this was a lie? What if the thing that will make a difference is not struggle but pleasure?! How would this contradict all we have been brought up to believe and what would it mean for our lives and for the earth? How would our work for the transformation of ourselves and the protection of the planet be changed and renewed?

Magically, pleasure has a power and a force that denying ourselves can never match. Sex magic teaches us how to use pleasure to build energy for intention, for journeying and to change our consciousness. In this workshop we will experience physical and energetic pleasure and the exquisite ecstasy of energy sex. Within our individual boundaries and consent, we will develop our awareness of the pleasure and power of sharing energy with another, and with a group. And we will explore how we can use the building of that pleasure in ritual, action and healing.

Sex Magic Beyond the Human

12th - 14th April 2019.

Edenrise, nr Totnes, Devon, UK

Weekend workshop led by Al Head. Assisted by Daniel Morrisson.

Cost: £280. Concessions £160. Please get in touch if you can't afford this.

Contact: for booking form and with any questions.

Access: the main rooms and some bedrooms are wheelchair accessible. Please get in touch with access needs.

A weekend at the lovely Edenrise in beautiful Devon countryside.

Humans and other beings of all or no genders and sexualities welcome.

Pagan sex magic does not only connect us to the earth, the elements and the seasons; it also connects us to deities, Folk (faeries, piskies etc) and other non-material beings. And it connects us to the millions of other humans all over the world and over many thousands of years who have connected sexually to these beings, and who have worshipped deities with sex and ecstasy. The maenads of Dionysus in Greece, the transgender attendants of Innana in Sumer, the European witches observing the 'great rite' and those sharing sex around the fires of Beltane all gave their sexual energy to the Folk or to the deities of the land. This awareness and ability is not lost, it is still practised in many places, and we can learn and develop our own practice together.

There are many ways to share sexual energy with non-material beings. We can build energy and then give it to them as an offering. We can merge or connect our energies with them as we masturbate or share sexual energy with other humans. We can invite them to enter into our protected circles and have sex with us within them. Or we can invite them into our physical and energetic bodies in the technique known as aspecting and share sex with ourselves and others from this place.

This workshop is not for those who do not believe there is anything 'beyond the human'. On the other hand you do not need to have been a practising pagan for decades to come! If you are open to exploration; if you have felt things but not been sure what they were; if you are interested in connecting with trees, elementals or beings of the local land; if you already worship deities and want to explore sexual connection with them in a held space; or if you have been having sex with non-material beings for years and want to share your experience with others, you are very welcome!

In this workshop we will follow our own paths and feel into our own ways of relating to those who call us or who we are drawn to. Participants are encouraged to find their own way through the workshop and to find the experiences and the learnings that they need. We will spend time working with issues of consent, not only between humans but between all those present. The facilitator of the workshop will never ask anyone to go beyond their boundaries, and we will work to empower ourselves to ensure consent when we are working with non-material beings. There will be times of developing our skills and awareness, times of meeting and building connection with non-humans, ritual spaces and reflection times.